Pragya Borar


Pragya is a self-taught mixed media artist. She started playing with colors at the age of 5. Art is symphony of her life and her self expression. Through her art she likes to discover her boundless inner creativity and passion, as she constantly strives to communicate her inner self through it.

Pragya’s current work of art on watercolor paper and canvas is about women and nature. It focuses on the journey of being a woman and how everything about nature inspires her to keep doing what she loves.

She believes women need to be themselves in all the phases of life irrespective of what they are asked to be. They should embrace their imperfection because it makes them who they are.

Through her art, Pragya has tried to push herself to explore new boundaries. She hopes to inspire people to pursue their passion. Magic happens when you don’t give up even though you want to. The universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart.

Visual Dialogues XXI

Kristine Huang


“透過繪畫,我把自己一一拼整回來,表達一則則烙印在心裡的故事。”Ting Wei Huang 就讀美國洛杉磯時尚設計學院主修時尚設計,並在2015年赴義大利佛羅倫斯Polimoda 服裝設計與行銷管理學院進修。Ting Wei的繪畫就像一篇篇的日記,藉由顏色的變化與柔軟的線條來敍說故事

Ting Wei Huang studied at FIDM in Los Angeles, USA, and majored in Fashion Design. In 2015, Ting Wei moved abroad and attended Polimoda Fashion Institute in Florence, Italy, and majored in fashion design. Ting Wei’s paintings are portrayed through the style of journal entries. She tells stories through changing color shades and elegant lines.


Ting Wei Huang作品傾向於傳達自我探討的意義與意象。擅長放大細微的感覺,抽象具體繁雜的內容,擁抱這份觸動,在創作裡享受著,跳舞與歌唱… 從小就愛繪畫的她, 藉由繪畫藝術傳達如何面對自己、了解自己,進而接受自己的過程。透過反覆動作的描繪手筆,不斷產生矛盾與掙扎,勾勒出她內心深處那些想被看見的輪廓。Ting Wei希望她的藝術作品可帶給人們一份喘息和沈澱的空間,靜下來去感受與擁抱生命中的美好。
Ting Wei Huang’s works are based on introspection. From abstract concepts to concrete stories, the content of her paintings consistently brings forth a variety of intricate details. While indulging in dancing and singing, the pure enjoyment lies within each creating process. Ting Wei found her love and passion in painting since a young age. The art of painting and creating provides a leeway for Ting Wei to dive into self-acceptance, self-understanding, and eventually, self-affirmation. Through her paintings she has tried to reflect her different feelings from happiness to struggle, she hopes that her work of art can make people embrace the real beauty of life.

Visual Dialogues XXI

1 November 2015, Visual Dialogues 藝術對畫 II

RRVD2-Nov-2015Ted Pigott and JJ Chen
Animation. Illustration. Sketches 動畫 插圖 素描
Please join these two artists for their Visual Dialogue Red Room Gallery November 1 – December 5, 2015
OPENING RECEPTION 開幕酒會 November 1 2015 3:00 pm ~ 7:00 pm

For six years, Red Room has been growing and changing and staying the same. This month’s featured artists, JJ Chen and Ted Pigott, are Red Roomers. Their sketches of Red Room events, watercolors, drawings, and animation embody the Red Room identity. The Arts are for everyone, and Red Room is a platform for everyone to share their art.
六年來,紅房不斷的成長及蛻變。11月份紅房「藝術對畫」所推出的二位藝術家為JJ Chen及Ted Pigott。匯集其在紅房歷年活動中的速寫,體現出紅房的特色並涵蓋其他水彩,素描和動畫等作品。藝術欣賞適於所有人,而紅房也樂於提供此平台,讓藝術家們能與所有人分享他們的創作。

Ted Pigott is from Northwest Indiana, just outside of Chicago, in the American Midwest. After graduating cum laude from DePauw University with a degree in English Composition, he lived in New York City, traveled throughout Europe, and worked and traveled in several parts of Asia, including China, Tibet, and India.

He is now based in Taipei, a city he has grown to love during his eighteen years here. These days, when he’s not exploring Taipei’s back alleys and leafy lanes on his bicycle, he can be found in the city’s cafés and restaurants, eating and drawing, especially at lunchtime.

As an artist, he believes these things are true: Draw what you see. Draw what you love, and love what you draw. Share your work. Don’t think—just draw. Every day is better when you draw.

JJ Chen is a Taiwanese animation director who was born in France and grew up in Belgium – where he studied animation directing before moving back to Taiwan in late 2007. Since then, he’s been alternating between animations for music videos and commercials, working on concept art, storyboards and post production for Taiwanese animated TV series and feature films, and animation work on independent videogames. He also used to draw a lot of sketches of various people to document his daily life and commutes whenever he had time.

As a director of animated shorts, he’s covered pretty much all the phases of production, and is a well-rounded visual storyteller. As such, he also participated in the past 2 years’ Tainan 39H and Taipei 48H Film Challenges, twice as an actor, and twice as director.

He’s been working for the past 2 years on a Chinese smartphone video game company in Taipei on a game that will hit the Apple Store and Android Market in the next coming months, and is now taking a well-deserved break.

In parallel, since last year, he is thinking more and more about switching to photography, which has always been his other passion, and is now replacing his sketchings on his daily life documenting.

Visual Dialogues 藝術對畫
between people, spaces and ideas
Two artists from different cultures with be featured in a monthly art show at the Red Room International Village, opening on the first Sunday of each month.

Gallery Timings: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 3pm to 7pm.

Contact [email protected]

Photos from Visual Dialogues I can be viewed here