Short poems on wine and jazz, august 2017

On the last Friday of each month, during the Kind of Red tapas and wine tasting hour each participant is asked to contribute a line or verse that drips soon after a sip, sound, glance or a unique exchange. Here we share with the community some leafs of the accordion booklet.

在每個月的最後一個星期五, 在紅酒爵士夜中小酌及品嘗西班牙小吃的時光中,每個參與者都在義口小啜、一個聲響、匆匆一瞥或其他獨特形態的交流後被邀請貢獻一兩句或幾行文字。在個社群裡,我們在手風琴書的摺頁間分享彼此。

紅屋,紅酒,臉紅紅; 我想我又戀愛了。

Red Carpet , red room, red wine (well , white and pink as well , but you know)
Red flows as much as the wine and the smooth jazz tonight.
Let’s all get red together tonight with the wine.
-a thirsty Red Roomer

Be the change i want to see until i see the result!


-Cha Cha

Kind of Red has been a treat to the senses, clarity to the mind, music to my taste buds.

Dive in and enjoy the tranquility with soothing jazz, timeless sounds, and forgotten beats.
Let us swim in the pungent sweat of grapes crushed with heat and ferver.
Their form forgotten, and instead shapes in the imagination of your flavour.
Diving in the sea,
Listen ~
the ocean, the flow, the whisper.
You’re the king queen of the world.
The being reigning the well collecting the colour seeping and the great bird shrieking ;
you are.
Make noise.

-a literary enthusiast of the Red Room

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