Reflections on Visual Dialogues, August 2016

In the last year we have had 10 Visual Dialogues in the Red Room International Village at TAF. Each show brought artists from different cultures and experiences to display art and share ideas. Art can be a window into another person’s culture and heart. It can also be a beautiful object on a shelf or hanging on the wall. The show openings bring together a cross section of friends, Red Roomers, art lovers and children. Art truly belongs to everyone and Visual Dialogues are an opportunity for artists of all media and experience to share their journey.

Visual Dialogues X, Balance

Visual Dialogues@the Red Room’s August show features Roma Mehta and David Pipkin. Their show is called “Balance,” and one can right away see why. Roma’s earthy tones and fluid brush strokes match with the tones and colours of David’s beautiful pottery. Each artist plays with the elements Earth, Fire, Wind and Water.
Roma uses words and colours to evoke these elements, and we feel at home looking and experiencing her work. With David’s approach to clay, one goes beyond seeing the earthen clay. Instead, one feels its texture with the eye, as well as the heat of the fire that was used to bake it.

“Balance” encourages the viewer to get in touch with the earth spirit within them.

This show will continue to run all through September, so if you missed it last month, come and feel the energy and open yourself up to the spirit.

To apply to show in Visual Dialogues, please go to our website to download the application form or use the link below:

By Constance Woods and Charles Haines
Coordinators for Visual Dialogues

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