VD XIX – Russ Ronat


Russ Ronat is a multimedia artist and printmaker, a self-taught artist currently living and working in Taipei, Taiwan. He is originally from Johannesburg, South Africa. He has been a resident artist at galleries in Los Angeles, CA and Miami, Fl.

Artist Statement:

His current work of large drawings on paper is titled “Endangered”. He has been drawing the animals on the World Wildlife Fund endangered list. These works are not a detailed illustration of these animals but rather aim to capture the raw beauty, impermanence and fragility of each subject. There is a sense of the animals spirit and movement in each drawing. The work is created in many marks and layers and evokes mystery and transience within each image. These large drawings bring attention to deforestation, the illegal wildlife trade and the other threats that these species face.
Also included with this work are select portraits, created with similar attention to heavily worked mark making and careful looking. All of the artists work shows a commitment to drawing and letting the ink, paint and charcoal of the drawing speak. These latest drawings bring into focus the fleeting nature of all experience.

Artist Russ Ronat layers charcoal, ink, oil, pencil, pastels, and watercolor in his series titled Endangered. Each large drawing captures the raw beauty and vulnerability of the selected endangered species.

Read more about his exhibit at the Red Room Visual Dialogues.

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