Scribe’s Musings, February 2017

Scribe’s Musings

Time to let out crow, fellow Red Roomers! 2017 is the Year of the Rooster. We wish all of you a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year. January was an incredible month at Red Room, filled with new faces, beautiful collaborations, and words of wisdom from a member who truly left her mark here (We love you, Iris!).

I’m going to leave this beautiful issue to our wonderful contributors. Want to join us as a contributor? Contact me at, or leave your email address on sign-up sheets at Stage Time and Wine or Stage Time and Juice.

Do you also want to contribute your stories to a dream project? Alex Houghton wants to create a beautiful book filled with pictures and stories of Taiwan. You can find information about this wonderful project here.

I open this newsletter with a By the Red Room feature from our lovely artist, Iris. Her drawings, the mural she created, her sparkling attitude and personality made Red Room come alive and realize its potential further as a wondrous collaborative space. Please enjoy her lovely words from “It is Alive” and “That Other You.”

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