Words from the editor, October 2016

Scribe’s Musings: Welcome one and all to this month’s issue of Red Room E-news. We have had a busy fall so far, as well as some unexpected surprises from Mother Nature. We can’t wait to share the stories of what we’ve been up to!

For the first time in our seven-year history, September’s installment of Stage Time and Wine was cancelled, due to Typhoon Malakas. In addition, the small, but spirited, gathering of R4’s monthly ReadAloud was advised quite gently by a TAF security guard to pack up and head out before the storm hit.

I found myself thinking about the way we look at disasters. How they galvanize a community, and sometimes the world, cannot be denied. Sometimes, I wish that we can have such generous and loving spirits all the time. In some ways, disaster can build a community. So can art. Look at what we’ve done here at the Red Room!

In the spirit of building community, I encourage all contributions from anyone who has experienced Red Room. Original artwork, poetry, prose, musings, and reflections are more than welcome. Just contact me at editor.redroom@gmail.com, or look at our submission guidelines on our website.

We have so much to share with each other! And hang on tight, there’s more to come! Come out on November 19 to see what the 7th Anniversary holds!

Joyfully yours,
Whitney Zahar
RR Scribe

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