When I Couldn’t Go to Stage Time and Wine 82…

The title was meant to be a fill-in-the-blank activity. If anyone wants to send me a brief thought about what they did when they couldn’t go to Red Room’s Stage Time and Wine, send me an email at editor.redroom@gmail.com. For now, I will share what I did.

The day before, Friday September 16, was a beautiful day. The kind of day where temperatures were comfortable and the skies were a fresh-scrubbed blue with stunning cloud displays. I took my 6-year-old son to the Taiwan Puppet Theatre Museum near Dadaocheng Wharf and watched him be enthralled by the magic of the puppets on display. I sat down, smiling as he played with the demo puppets and made up stories about 19th-century puppets and masks.

Later that evening, I joined Ruth Giordano and an intimate crowd of new friends for an evening of R4 ReadAloud. We were settling in for an evening of wonderful words, ready to donate to the Playing For Change Foundation. It was setting up to be an evening of collaboration, conversation, and conviviality, when suddenly, a TAF security guard crossed the threshold. He asked for us to pack up and leave the venue because of the coming of Typhoon Malakas. It warmed my heart to see his concern for our safety.

Even though Typhoon Malakas ended up being fairly gentle, at least by my standards (I hail from east coast US, no stranger to hurricanes/typhoons), Stage Time and Wine was cancelled, perhaps for the first time in its 7 years. However, there was merriment in the Zahar household. My son took me on forays into his imagination, and I realized how much of a world-builder he is. My son has been creating his own animals, showing me bits and pieces through his drawings and answers to my questions. He showed me his prodigious memory by quoting to me lines from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the Gene Wilder one, of course!). He sang to me, we read together, and colored in our coloring books.

So, in a way, I did have my own version of Stage Time and Wine, courtesy of my beautiful son. I even had a glass of wine to celebrate! I celebrated my son’s imagination and his boundless love and my return to my creative roots. I emerged from Typhoon Malakas feeling rejuvenated and ready to jump into creative work once again!

By Whitney Zahar
Red Room Scribe

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