22 March 2017 DIY beeswax wraps

Wednesday, March 22 at 7 PM – 9 PM
DIY beeswax wraps

Visual Dialogues XIII, “Devoured”, artist Annie Hsiao-Wen Wang will be running a workshop on DIY beeswax wraps as part of the initiative to reduce plastic use.

Beeswax wraps are a natural alternative to plastic wrap for food storage. Made from 100% cotton , beeswax and coconut oil, these wraps are reusable for up to 1 year with proper care. Using these reusable bees wax wraps saves space in your fridge and reduces your need to use disposable plastic bags and containers. So say goodbye to yucky plastics in contact with your food! Beeswax are also edible so you can feel safe wrapping your food in it.
If you need to dispose of them, no problem because they are 100% biodegradable and can be composted or used as kindling for your fireplace.

Beeswax wraps are naturally anti-bacterial and can be easily cleaned for continued use.

These wraps normally cost around $700 + postage but after this class you will know how to make them at a fraction of the cost.
In this 2 hour class we will be making 3 different sizes;
33 x 33cm – Large, can be used to cover large bowls, sandwiches or watermelons for example
26cm round – Round, used to cover bowls or plates
18 x 20cm – Small, use for half lemons, cucumbers or onions.
There is a limit of 12 people for this workshop. Please RSVP to reserve your place, and also so we can know how much materials to buy.
Cost of workshop: $600

Help us reduce plastic waste by making naturally organic products and make sure your food is fresh and safe.

FAMILIES WELCOME: Recommended minimum age, 10 yo with some parental assistance.



Visual Dialogues XIII­【 吞噬】,藝術家王筱雯將會在紅房教你如何做DIY蜂蠟保鮮布,讓我們一起翻轉自己的塑化人生。
蜂蠟保鮮布可以取代塑膠保鮮膜,以純棉布,蜂蠟,和椰子油做成,而這些保鮮布一年以內都可以重複使用。有這些可重複使用的蜂蠟保鮮布可以大量減低一次性使用的塑膠袋和塑膠容器。蜂蠟是可食用的,所以拿來封包你的食物非常安全,所以快跟噁心的塑化劑說拜拜 ~
蜂蠟保鮮布既是有機的,又能讓你的食物保持安全新鮮,又可以減少塑膠製品的使用! 快來快來 ~

12 March 2017 紅房藝術工作室 「10」Red Room Open Studio [Vol.10]

Sunday, March 12 at 3 PM – 6 PM
Red Room presents the tenth of our Sunday Afternoon Open Studio series!!

Welcome all:
Writers, poets, photographers, painters, sculptors, comedians, filmmakers, juggler, musicians, songwriters, dancers, designers. All artists and creatives welcome! Develop and play with ideas, or utilize this opportunity for second opinions on your work in progresses.

SPECIAL WORKSHOP BY Annie Hsiao-Wen Wang 王筱雯

ATTENTION: crocheters, knitters, sewers, weavers, and all DIY/crafting extraordinaire!

ALL AGES WELCOME: Younger children can do braiding and with a parent’s assistance, can be easily involved in the process.

Red Room currently has a supply of fabrics and as an upcycling initiative One Brown Planet will be running a series of DIY sessions to make rag rugs from them to donate to the homeless people of Taipei. These sessions will be run concurrently with the Open Studio at the Red Room.

Share your skills with everyone in these sessions. We are open to all suggestions of the best method of making a Rag Rug, and also other ideas of upcycling scrap materials.

Even if you don’t know how to sew/crochet/weave/braid, come join us anyway and learn from your new friends! Then take home these valuable skills to upcycle your old sheets and t-shirt to make them into something else you can use in your own home.

BYO: crochet hooks, knitting needles, sewing needles, scissors, whatever your choice of tools!


If you won’t be working on something and just want to hangout, please feel free! But we would like to remind you to respect those practicing/working on their art form.

This is a free event – for you, by you. Which means that the bar and cash register will be closed – so please bring some beverages and snacks to share. Sharing is caring!

Please inbox us to ask if you are uncertain about how appropriate the art form/materials you’d be bringing would be suitable for the shared space. Of course, power tools are discouraged (safety + noise), and fire is not allowed on the premises (sorry, metal-workers!).

Hope to see you there!
Love, Red Room






- 繪畫塗色 (材料提供)


這是一個免費的活動 。酒吧和收銀機將被關閉 – 所以,請帶些飲料和小吃分享。共享是關懷!


Photos from the first workshop:
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How to find us @ the Red Room
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Our entrance is located on the intersection of Jianguo S. Rd. and Jinan Rd. (TAF side entrance). After passing the gate, keep marching forward and you’ll see a white building to your left called Library. Make your way to the second floor via the outer staircase on the side.

捷運: 忠孝新生捷運張六號出口
Travel by MRT:[Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station Exit 6]Walk straight along XinSheng S. Road , then turn left on Jinan Road Sec. 2 , continue down and you’ll spot the entrance.
Red Room 紅坊國際村

0933762077 : Roma , Keeper of the Faith / 總監
0910947307 : Manav, Red Room Reeves / 策展人