God Bless Not Only America by Tseng Kuomin / Gordon, October 2011

My new poetry book, GOD BLESS NOT ONLY AMERICA, was published a few weeks ago. Some digital albums, music or singing and reading, for this book are also done.

Please check the following website if you are interested. www.gordonsgodown.bandcamp.com
Below is my last sharing at Red Room. I will share more works with you in the future. Hope you enjoy them.

God Bless Not Only America
God bless the hungry, in Columbia or in Cambodia, in Europe or in Ethiopia.
God bless all farmers, growing potatoes or tomatoes, bananas or papayas.
God bless all bears, pandas in China, polar bears in Canada, or koala bears in Australia.
God bless the codes and the buttons of nuclear weapons, in Arizona or in Siberia.
God bless all children, drinking dirty water or Coca-Cola.
God bless the dreams, both in Bollywood’s or Hollywood’s cinema.
God bless all Gods or their wise friends, Laozi or Confucius, Muhammad or Buddha.
Oh, my God, oh, our God, could you please bless all of us, not only America?

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