Yuma • Taru 尤瑪.達陸

[ Designers 設計師介紹 ]-尤瑪.達陸 / Yuma. Taru
染織文化研究者 / 藝術家
29 歲時,放棄公務員工作回到部落種植苧麻,深入了解泰雅族的文化與大自然土地的關係,並向族老學習珍貴的文化編織技藝。尤瑪‧達陸試著將這些技巧一一解碼,成立「泰雅織物研究中心 / 野桐工坊」致力於傳統服飾之整理並完成『泰雅八大系統服飾研究論文』,1999年遭遇921地震,連結部落婦女成立『苗栗縣原住民工藝協會』,完成傳統織布技藝訓練,並完成500件傳統服飾重製出版『重現泰雅』一書。

[ Designer Bio ] Yuma • Taru

Dye Culture researcher / artist

“A race against the continuance of our tribe’s life and ways, an effort to preserve the ancient cultures.”

At the age of 29, Yuma quit her job as a bureaucrat and moved back to the tribe to grow ramie plants, learn about the Atayal culture’s relationship with the land, and to learn cultural weaving techniques from the tribe’s elders. Yuma • Taru, in her attempt to decode these techniques, has created the “Lihang Workshop” – which is dedicated to the preservation of traditional clothing – and completed her thesis on “Eight Main Atayal Clothing Systems.” In the wake of the 921 earthquake of 1999, Yuma also gathered the women in the tribe and formed the “Aboriginal Handcrafts Organization of Miaoli,” completed traditional weaving technique training, and created 500 pieces of traditional clothing to compile a book entitled “Atayal Again.”

Since 2010, Yuma has also linked together folk education with dyed and woven handcrafts, creating the “Sear-Uraw Folk Education School” to push child folk education. She hopes to pass on her knowledge and techniques, and hopes that her tribespeople will regain their confidence in their own culture.

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