Visual Dialogues XII, October 2016

At the beginning of October, Red Room teamed up with the CBTA (Childhood Brain Tumor Association of Taiwan) for a charity event. Fourteen artists exhibited their work to help the CBTA raise money. Part of the proceeds go to the CBTA, and part go to the artists.

The opening was on October 2nd, 2016, and the lovely Vicky Sun played hopeful and uplifting music to set the mood of the event. Further enhancing the mood were the colors and subject of the paintings themselves. As I looked around the room, happiness filled my heart.felt happiness. To me the event was lighthearted and peaceful considering the cause that was bringing everyone together. I hope others who came feel the same way.

Thank you to everyone who came to the event. Especially, thank you to the patrons who bought paintings and helped to support the cause. Those who made donations also contributed, and we thank you all too.

This show was a wonderful blend of the artists, the space and the association coming together to make a difference.
Our next show will be a reflection of the past seven years to celebrate RR’s anniversary. A visual journey from our humble beginnings to the present. Please join us for the next Visual Dialogues show at the Red Room, and share in Red Room’s story.

by Charles Haines

Beats For Breakfast, October 2016

Beats for Breakfast event is held once a month. It’s where people do yoga, dance, and eat mindfully all day at the Red Room. The most recent one was held on Sunday, October 30. It was a lively morning and afternoon of music, color, dancing, and companionship.

While I wasn’t there for the yoga session, me and my sidekick (also known as my son, Preston), arrived in time to join Rose Goossen’s dance workshop. Well, I joined in. My son was more interested in lounging in the newly-created Reading Nook and watching. But having him absorb the atmosphere of loving your body and yourself, open dance, and open hearts was enough.

Rose Goossen believes that dance has three hypotheses: it’s a physical activity; it’s a spiritual activity, and it’s a social activity. I would say all three were proven as we all felt our bodies uplifted and in harmony with movement and music. As the beats kicked in, provided by DJ Leo, the room just erupted with movement. We let our bodies do the talking as we danced and cavorted on the dance floor.

I left feeling energized and better about myself. It was also great to reconnect with people. As we left, Preston received a green POWER bracelet from the lovely Tiffany Lin and Remindme Values. I love seeing that Preston is claiming his power. At a young age, he doesn’t quite know what it is yet. But he knows it’s there. And I think by coming to Beats for Breakfast, we all got a huge taste of the power within all of us.

Granola House, one of our partners, was also on hand with tasty and healthy treats. Christine, the founder, is passionate about reaching the people who really pay attention to what they consume.

by Whitney Zahar

The WORD from R4, October 2016


First up was October’s ReadAloud – Spirits Abound. It was an intimate evening for sharing stories and poetry. There were the beautiful lyrics of classic poets such as Christina Rossetti and Edgar Allan Poe, as well as original poetry. There were tales of ghostly encounters; real or imagined, we leave to your interpretation. The gathering was also treated to a complex 21st century re-working of traditional folklore. Poe yet again made another appearance with a reading of his tale of jealousy, revenge and being buried alive: The Cask of Amontillado.

If anyone is curious, has a wonderful database of Halloween poetry and more. Check it out at

Once summoned by prose and poetry, the spirit Edgar Allan Poe was not ready to depart from the earthly realm yet! Next up was Three by Poe – an evening of two stories and a narrative poem by the master of mystery and the macabre. First, the evening opened with a lively game of Murder. Participants wore red stickers to show they were playing and given mysterious instructions. One at the gathering was the Murderer. With a wink, he or she would kill until they were caught and accused.

It was just a game, by the way. No one really died.

r4-poe-2016-001s-12Then, the lights were dimmed and the audience crept onto the carpet and pillows as invited by Thomas Bellmore and the Three by Poe commenced with Paul Batt reading The Black Cat, a tale of murder, alcoholism, rage, and abuse. Mr. Batt’s deep voice throbbed around the room, drawing in the audience under the spell of the dreadful tale. Sarah Brooks provided a chilling accompaniment to the story with believable cat’s meows and other sound effects.

r4-poe-2016-001s-23After a brief intermission, Thomas Bellmore took the mike and delivered his beautiful rendition of “The Raven.” Bearing more than a slight resemblance to Poe himself, Mr. Bellmore’s hypnotic rendition of lost love and grief stirred the audience to the point that there was no need for sound effects. He took everyone along for the dark, exquisite ride.

r4-poe-2016-001s-32Finally, Whitney Zahar was up with The Tell-tale Heart. Together with Sarah Brooks on sound, Ms. Zahar spun the classic tale of murder, madness, and guilty conscience. The two ladies held the audience in a terrifying grip from beginning to the chilling end.

r4-poe-2016-001s-6Throughout the whole evening, master artist Charles Haines maintained a silent, but compelling presence on the stage. Donning a mask and with an easel propped before him, Mr. Haines created a beautiful, surreal canvas which featured all three of Poe’s works while the readers performed.

In a word, Three By Poe can be summed up as—spellbinding.

By Ruth Giordano and Whitney Zahar

View the full album here
R4 Three by Poe

Collaborating for the Kids: STJ and R4, November 2016


We would like to announce an exciting collaboration between two sibling groups: Stage Time and Juice @ the Red Room, and Red Room Radio Redux (R4)! Ruth Giordano, the director of R4, has been involved in all aspects of theater practically since she began walking. As she frankly states: she has more than 50 years of experience to share.

In the next two upcoming Stage Time and Juice events you will be able to enjoy the fruits of that collaboration, beginning with a presentation of “Jack and the Beanstalk” during our anniversary show beginning at 2:30 on Saturday, November 19. Ruth will teach several teens how to use their voice and how to hand-create sound effects to retell this fairy tale classic in a fresh and appealing manner.

January 21 brings us Aesop’s Fables, based on a script Ruth penned in 2008 for a children’s theater company in Massachusetts. She will be adapting to fit the Juice troupe. This workshop is geared towards the younger children (ages 7-13). Part of the preparations for taking the stage will include prop and accessory crafting: parents will probably be called upon to assist!

Make sure to visit our Stage Time and Juice Facebook page to receive the most current information about all our workshops and events.

If you, like Ruth, have a gift or passion to share, remember that the Red Room’s door is always open! A small exchange of knowledge can change a child’s (or grownup’s) life forever!

By Carol Yao and Ruth Giordano

Scribe’s Musings, November 2016

For this month’s special anniversary issue, I’m going to turn the Scribe’s Musings over to Manav Mehta, who almost seven years ago, penned this exquisite poem that may prove slightly prophetic.
Happy 7th Anniversary, Red Room!

Stage time and wine
I thank you all for coming tonight, on behalf of the community and i
Moments where we analyze what to do, and what not to do..
Well, screw explaining that I’m up here so that’s what I’m going to do.
I want to tell you all whats been going on in my mind..
Crunching new grooves with a 19 year old grind..
It gives me headaches, awkwardly personal “proud moment” smiles..
An unorganized database, receiving an endless number of untitled files..
You gel up your hair, your hat cries out “STYLE”
Your body type comes with a variable list of numbers to dial..
I’m working on mine! Jogging mile to mile..
A combined effort at a developing mentality, with assorted perspectives-
Stage time and wine, is a place of…
Well wine-
Something that makes it special..special is what you’ll find..
The word artist holds no boundaries, its not marked by a mustache or a hat…
Those who have both are simply gifted, and well..i didn’t get it so screw THAT!
According to me here, once you’ve entered the red room..planet earth is flat..
The ultimate symbol indicating that we’re all equal ..were all artists here- how about that?
It’s a time for us to share! BYOB should change to BYOSOMETHING TO SAY
Everyone has something to share, its usually the ones who are shy..who sit back and compare..
C’mon guys, that simply isn’t fair- but don’t go as far as saying “I CAN say anything..its not like they care”
WE’RE here to listen, to enjoy, to emotionally react the way you do biting into a sweet chocolate eclair..

I wake up with theories, which are completely genius..
But as the day ticks along, it deteriorates to something meaningless..
This random rambling is an example of that- but I love the act of performing..(AND YES THIS IS CONSIDERED A PERFORMANCE..).
That’s a fact

Art comes in all different shapes and forms..the ones labeled eccentric or exotic-
Are just ones there are no real words for..
Ever notice the lack of vocabulary we hold to describe certain things of wonder..
Beauty..stimulating and depressing – sigh..
We use our bodies, the tone of voice, our facial expressions-
I was gifted with the control of my eyebrow muscles..and so..tonight I will take the role of goofy.
Stage time and wine..
Time for all of us to shine..
Hence the much brighter lighting –to symbolize the divine..
Bring out the person inside of you tonight- do so through the love for the spoken word..
Mimes are allowed as well..
Like I said artist holds no boundaries or lines..
There are beverages in the back, grapey wine with some chai-ey chai.
Let us all enjoy the night-
In hopes for more random ramblings in sight.

by Manav Mehta

2 October 2016, Visual Dialogues XI Charity Art Event 慈善油畫聯名展


rrvdxi-oct-poster-092616Opening Reception: Sunday, October 2 at 2:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Red Room & CBTA (Childhood Brain Tumor Association of Taiwan) would like to invite you to the opening of their charity art event, featuring over 14 artists. They will be donating their art for the cause.

Caridee Chou: “My sister was diagnosed with a brain tumor and during her treatment, she felt that art was a great healer. She discovered that painting helped her through this difficult period.”

This is where the idea originated to hold a charity art show to help other children who are suffering from similar situation. We wish for each child to experience the joy of a happy and healthy childhood.

Donations will go to Childhood Brain Tumor Association of Taiwan (CBTA).
The mission of the CBTA is to improve quality of life and the long term outlook for children with brain tumors from newly diagnosed to survivorship or end of life.

紅房和中華民國關懷腦瘤兒童協會(CBTA)想邀請你參加他們的慈善畫展的開幕式,有超過14個藝術家願意共同聯名將他們的畫作收入捐給中華民國關懷腦瘤兒童協會 。


參展藝術家 Participating artists:
周京瑤,凱利劉,李亭儀,鄭淑芬,周怡賢,鐘翊綺,沉步曦,詹凱名,呂佳真,李昀潔,吳鴻旻,邱國峰,陳敏媛,唐琪珮,Roma Mehta, Charles Haines.

A collaborative effort by Childhood Brain Tumor Association of Taiwan (CBTA) & Red Room.

25 September 2016, Beats for Breakfast Vol. II


Beats for Breakfast II
Sunday 25 September from 9 AM – 3 PM
Get ready for the second enstallment of


Beats for Breakfast is an opportunity to gather, enjoy good music, bask in sunshine, and have a great time. It’s a party, with a difference. The focus is on movement, music, and well-being. Kick your Sunday morning off consciously through self-expression, nourishment, and DANCING. Following the spirit of the Daybreaker parties popping up globally BnB is bound to get you moving! But wait…

What is Daybreaker?!

9:00 – 10:00 Yoga Session [Bilingual Instructor Carolyn] – (bring your own mat! If desperate the Peace street community center is kindly lend us some but if you can, being one to ensure there’s enough)
Limited yoga mats sponsored by PeaceStreet Community Center, please bring your own if possible.
10:00 – 15:00 The dancing begins!!!

Guest DJ Sets:
Yoga [Bilingual Instructor: Carolyn]
Dance [Live DJ Sets: Kuleflux // Lucypova ]
Live Painting by Artist Charles Haines
Mandala Coloring Activity

Food & Refreshments:
Fresh Popcorn (Brown Sugar Cinnamon / Montreal Steak Spice)
Raw Vegan Organic Treats by Coco
Delicious Smoothies
Tea & Coffee Bar

Entry: This event is Pay by Value. We would like to empower people to contribute according to their ability and the value they place upon their own experience. In a nutshell, you pay what you feel you received in return.

//Special thanks to Beats for Breakfast for organizing the occassion, Red Room for providing the space, Peacestreet Community Center for providing the yoga mats, Seedbase for facilitating the Pay by Value system, and to all the participating vendors and volunteers that believe in our vision!//

Start your day a little differently.

How to find us:

Taiwan Air force Base (TAF) 空軍總部 「圖書館」LIBRARY
No. 177, Sec. 1, Jianguo S. Rd (Intersection of Jianguo S. Rd. and Jinan Rd.)

Our entrance is located on the intersection of Jianguo S. Rd. and Jinan Rd. (TAF side entrance). After passing the gate, keep marching forward and you’ll see a white building to your left called Library. Make your way to the second floor via the outer staircase on the side.

Travel by MRT:[Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station Exit 6]Walk straight along XinSheng S. Road , then turn left on Jinan Road Sec. 2 , continue down and you’ll spot the entrance.


誰說,喜歡跳舞的選擇只有夜店?如果,我們一起在早上跳舞,有很棒的DJ,一起做瑜伽,享受律動,音樂以及良善的思維,讓你星期天早上可以很豐盛,Beats For Breakfast 紅透美國東西岸,第一次在紅坊RedRoom 舉辦你一定要來體驗!

9:00~10:00 瑜伽 (雙語)請自備瑜珈墊。
10:00~15:00 跳舞。





地址:Taiwan Air force Base (TAF) 空軍總部 「圖書館 台北市大安區建國南路一段177號(濟南路與建國南路交叉口)

2 September 2016, The Most Dangerous Game

Friday, September 2 at 8 PM
Red Room, TAF 空總創新基地 建國南路一段177號, Taipei, Taiwan 106
Created for R4 = Red Room Radio Redux

R4-mgd-FB-1920x1080pxOriginal story by Richard Connell
Adapted for Radio Drama by Ignatz Ratskywatsky
Read by Paul Batt & Pat Woods
Sound Effects by Paul Batt
Directed by Ruth Giordano

COME OUT TO PLAY! then PAY BY VALUE – read on –
The “Pay by Value” system allows attendees the option to award money based on the value they received and their financial ability.
This is a “Pay by Value” event. We hope that our guests will pay according to what they can afford and by the value they place upon the experience.

In a nutshell, you pay according to what you feel you have received.

Please check our Facebook for updates.

29 July 2016, KIND OF RED II

29 July 2016 7pm – 10pm @ the Red Room
An event of Wine Tasting, Food Pairing & Jazz!

為了向麥爾戴維斯取的藍調合輯致敬 ‘Kind of Blue’ ,紅房’Kind of Red’ 提供給你們酒、美味的食物、爵士樂和魅力的陪伴。介紹酒的文化和深入傾聽爵士樂,而每年會提供舞台給精力飽滿的台灣年輕一代爵士樂團。

We are so very grateful for the support we received launching the 1st occasion , and so we welcome you to join us again, and invite company you feel would appreciate such a setting.

As a tribute to Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue, Red Room brings you an evening of wine, good food, jazz and charming company. Introducing wine in culture and deep listening to Jazz, whilst providing a venue for the up & coming jazz ensembles Taiwan’s young musicians are molding and shaping each year.


票種 Ticket #1

*Reservations Required for Ticket #1 票種 #1 必須訂位*
Accupass Online Ticket Purchase 網上訂票

*7pm-10pm 500NTD *
-Wine Tasting and Food Pairing (3 portions) 7-8pm
品酒搭配小吃點 (三份) 7pm – 8pm
-Live Jazz 現場爵士音樂 8pm – 10pm
-Inclusive of 1 Drink 含一杯紅房水果酒

票種 Ticket #2
*8pm -10pm 300NTD @ the Door 現場購票*
-Inclusive of 1 Drink 含一杯紅房水果酒

Red Room is a non-profit organisation. The entirety of the entrance fee is to cover the expenses necessary to host such an event.


場地 Event Location: Red Room, TAF LIBRARY 2F No. 177, Sec.1, Jianguo S. Rd, Taipei 空軍總部「圖書館」2樓 台北市大安區建國南路一段177號

What is Kind of Red?

On the last Friday of each month, Red Room & PPF House collaborate with a guest chef, sommelier, story tellers, and a Taiwanese new generation Jazz ensemble. Within a 3 hour spectrum, we invite our guests to a wine tasting exploring the stories behind how wine has shaped our modern world. For every sip, a food pairing, and for every nibble, a story. The remainder of the evening is spent actively listening to jazz.

每個月的最後一個星期五, Red Room 與PPF House共同邀請創意主廚,調酒師,一對說故事的人,以及一組新生代爵士樂團。為您提供美好難忘的3個小時藝文時光。我們誠摯的邀請您一起來品酒,探索酒是如何形成當代時尚不可或缺的一部分,同時搭配上一口口的美食與背後的故事,隨著節奏聽見不平凡的故事。時間就應該花在值得的事務上,讓我們一起享受爵士樂帶著我們悠遊美麗的夜。

聯絡資訊Contact Information: <>

Wine Company: 儷泉葡萄酒 SZITY Wine Cellar

介紹者 Introductions made by Wayne Pu 步文鈞

CHEF: Khaled J. Abu Elsamid艾立德
Involved in : 煉金師 超級食品 - Alchemist SuperFoods Spot Taipei

BAND: Jazz Way Station Quartet

演出足跡遍布中正紀念堂、享巷、日和公園、Legacy Taipei、TAV、Café V、The River、Uranium、Sappho等知名展演場地演出深受觀眾喜愛獲得好評。


The Red Room is an ever-expanding community, exploring and extending the boundaries between audience and performer; a not-for-profit platform for events developing a culture of learning to listen to each other, what is around us, and our selves.


24 June 2016, KIND OF RED

As a tribute to Miles Davis Kind of Blue, Red Room brings you an evening of wine, good food, jazz and charming company.
Introducing wine in culture and deep listening to Jazz, whilst providing a venue for the up & coming jazz ensembles Taiwan’s universities are molding and shaping each year.

24 June 2016 *7pm – 10pm*

(7pm-10pm 500NTD on Accupass 網上購票)
Wine Tasting and Food Pairing 品酒搭配小吃點 7pm – 8pm *Reservations Required 必須訂位*

(8pm -10pm 300NTD @ the Door 現場購票)
Live Jazz Music 現場爵士音樂 8pm – 10pm

Both Tickets Include 1 Drink 兩種票都含一杯飲料

Event Organiser: Red Room
Event Location: Red Room, TAF LIBRARY 2F No. 177, Sec.1, Jianguo S. Rd, Taipei 空軍總部「圖書館」2樓 台北市大安區建國南路一段177號

Brief Description of Event

On the last Friday of each month, Red Room & PPF House collaborate with a guest chef, sommelier, story tellers, and a Taiwanese college Jazz ensemble. Within a 3 hour spectrum, we invite our guests to a wine tasting exploring the stories behind how wine has shaped our modern world. For every sip, a food pairing, and for every nibble, a story. The remainder of the evening is spent actively listening to jazz.

每個月的最後一個星期五, Red Room 與PPF House共同邀請創意主廚,調酒師,一對說故事的人,以及台灣大學爵士樂團。為您提供美好難忘的3個小時藝文時光。我們誠摯的邀請您一起來品酒,探索酒是如何形成當代時尚不可或缺的一部分,同時搭配上一口口的美食與背後的故事,隨著節奏聽見不平凡的故事。時間就應該花在值得的事務上,讓我們一起享受爵士樂帶著我們悠遊美麗的夜。

Registration Process:
聯絡資訊Contact Information:

Wine Company:儷泉葡萄酒 SZITY Wine Cellar
介紹者 Introductions made by Wayne Pu步文鈞

CHEF: Khaled J. Abu Elsamid
Involved in : Alchemist Superfoods / The Spot Taipei / Yoshinoya

BAND INFO: Jazz Way Station Quartet
演出足跡遍布中正紀念堂、享巷、日和公園、Legacy Taipei、TAV、Café V、The River、Uranium、Sappho等知名展演場地演出深受觀眾喜愛獲得好評。

2016/5/13 FUNK與Soul Jazz ‧ Sappho
2016/5/8 URANIUM週年慶演出
2016/3/11 拉丁與巴薩諾瓦 ‧ 勿忘我咖啡小館
2016/3/5 Switch ‧ The River with SOSS & Leo37
2016/1/30 Switch ‧ The River with SOSS & Leo37
2016/1/2 爵士中繼站‧TAV
2015/12/27 台大爵士樂社成發‧享巷
2015/11/21 藝起來中正‧中正紀念堂
2015/11/19 Harvest!秋季派對‧Legacy Taipei
2015/10/15 Way Station Trio Project ‧ The Common
2015/08/15 日和公園藝術趴‧日和公園
2015/06/06 台大師大爵士樂社成發‧享巷

現任爵士中繼站團長、台大騷動爵士大樂團lead alto與音樂總監。

鐘崇豪/Piano生於1992年,自幼學琴,畢業於文化大學音樂系,主修鋼琴,副修小提琴,在學時擔任 春之聲交響樂團小提琴手,音樂無國界電台主持人,畢業製作總幹事。 畢業後接觸爵士樂,並演奏鋼琴、合成器、小提琴、巴西 打擊等樂器。 於2015新北市電影節 爵士四重奏演出,光仁爵士大樂團偏鄉巡迴演出。現職音樂教師與樂手,擔任台北京都特快車三重奏鋼琴手,Organism創作樂團樂手,爵士中繼站鋼琴手。 於2016錄取City College of New York爵士演奏,九月赴美深造。