27 May 2016, May – Come What May

Readaloud-4Do you ever just want to HEAR what you’re reading? or sit back and LISTEN to a story? That’s what we do, two ways: 1) Volunteers prepare in advance to read short stories aloud, (some restrictions apply. please contact us for details). 2) Event attendees are invited to share reading a story aloud by joining a circle of readers.

Red Room Radio Redux presents
May – Come what may
Friday, 27 May 2016
7:00 pm-9:00 pm

Red Room Radio Redux is dedicated to the survival of reading. Proceeds from our events support libraries in developing communities in Taiwan.
If you can donate books for these communities, bring them to the Red Room International Village at TAF, where there is a collection box.
Any level of reading appropriate for school going children is accepted – in Chinese or English. Please be sure the books are in good condition.

Red Room International Village
Your Patronage 開支攤提費 $200NTD
Taiwan Air Force Base (TAF) LIBRARY 2F 空軍總部 「圖書館」
No. 177, Sec. 1, Jianguo S. Rd (Intersection of Jianguo S. Rd. and Jinan Rd.)台北市大安區建國南路一段177號(濟南路與建國南路交叉口)

~~Kindling the power of the spoken word and
populating the theatre of your imagination ~~

24 May 2016, Paul Ogata Stand-up Comedy in Taipei

paul ogataPaul Ogata, veteran of Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham, CBS’s Late, Late Show American comedian, and winner of the 32nd Annual San Francisco International Comedy Competition (previous winners include Robin Williams, Dana Carvey), will be in Taipei for a 1-night show!

Hosted by Charlie Storrar and featuring local Taipei comics Jamin Lin and Eliza Pennell from Taipei’s very own Republic of Comedy Taiwan Standup!

May 24th! Mark your calendar and get ready to ROFL! Make sure you buy on Accupass as when tickets sell out they will be sold out.
Event Info
Time: May 24th, 2016 @ 8 pm

Place: Red Room
No. 177, Sec. 1, Jianguo S. Rd
(Intersection of Jianguo S. Rd. and Jinan Rd.)

Tickets: 400 NT on Accupass/ 500 NT at the door
****Every ticket holder will get their first moosehead that night for FREE! After that’s it’s only 100 NT per bottle all night!****
Moosehead Taiwan 麋鹿頭啤酒 T-shirts, hats, glasses and many more sponsored by… you guessed it! Moosehead!

15,000 NT in gift certificates sponsored by Whalen’s 味鄰 Poutinerie, the iconic Canadian restaurant and one of the only places you can find delicious POUTINES in Taipei!

9,000 NT in gift certificates, free appetizers, sponsored by the go-to Greek restaurant that comforts your soul, Yiamas Greeka Taverna 亞馬仕希臘餐廳! Every ticket holder will also get a chance to win a VIP card for 10% discount!

Hosted by HahaTai 哈哈台 andRepublic of Comedy Taiwan Standup!

Red Room Reflections: Stage Time & Wine 77

Stage Time & Wine rarely starts on time; it starts early. What I mean to say is, what I’ve come to consider Stage Time & Wine, and the Red Room community, extends itself beyond the hours between when the emcee enters the stage and the last performer exits. Red Room’s 77th Stage Time & Wine confirmed this view.

Roma Mehta and Sharon Landon laugh while preparing the stone soup for Red Roomers

Roma Mehta and Sharon Landon laugh while preparing the stone soup for Red Roomers

At 5:30, volunteers for the night already bustled through the space, carrying trays of foods, stirring pots and chatting over tidying up. At the front of the room, Vicky Sun perched on a stool with her guitar. She looked over to Addison, who having spent the last thirty seconds muttering “check” and counting in different tones into the mic, had already settled into his post. After receiving the thumbs up, Sun began to croon into the microphone, a warm bluesy melody expanded and filled the room. Volunteers in the back responded with a smattering of applause and affirmative whoops.


Deshara tiptoes and skips playfully through the crowd

The room had filled well before Trevor Tortomasi, Red Room’s emcee for the night, recommended sitting on the ever present red carpets. People had clustered in groups, a mix of friends and new attendees, and had commenced sharing their lives with each other. 6:30 came and everyone finally settled and hushed. In truth the night was filled with curiousity rousing and empathy engendering moments.

Max Power positioned himself on the stool and, with his usual dry wit, launched himself into a world full of vivid imagery; a world which left the reader disoriented but wanting. Addison Eng added levity to the night with a performance that meshed acting and musicianship. Li Wei Seh sang songs from the collective memory of his tribe. Deshara, and a friend she pulled from the audience, introduced a playful children’s drumming game. Each of them ran and skipped and spun around a chest, intermittently slapping the wood and humming in an otherworldly voice. “We just practiced for maybe twenty, minutes before so, actually, we felt quite nervous today,” an out-of-breath Deshara convinced following a healthy applause.

A ukelele player, Joyce Wolf, shared in Deshara’s nervousness. Nevertheless, she thanked “the Red Room for creating [a] space to be able to perform and feel comfortable” before strumming and singing with a friend. Many other performers seemed to feel similarly, because they felt comfortable enough to impart personal and social memories with a room filled largely with people they’d only just encountered.

Fiona read Bei Ying, or my father’s back, a poem written by Zhu Zi-Qing. The resounding image in the poem is of a father walking away from a son. Before she began, she revealed that she had lost her own father two months ago. A friend embraced her when she finished, and other audience members outstretched their arms and extended affection.

Marcus begins his spoken word performance

Marcus begins his spoken word performance

Another performer, Alex, shared his own personal loss. During his five minutes, Red Roomers went through the five stages of grief in a tragi-comic story which centered on the loss of a fiancee. Alexandra Gilliam reads original poetry which also focused on loss, heartbreak and abandonment. Her words settle upon the audience like a several blankets, cocooning them in layers of meaning.

As the night draws to a close, our opening performer, Max Power, introduces a friend. He asks the crowd if he can share, though he has arrived late. Applause follows him to the front of the room, where he composes himself for a moment, before beginning a spoken word poem on systemic racism and the community he grew up in.

Though the mics were turned off after Marcus’ performance, Red Roomers continued to mingle and create well beyond the official end time. For many of us, Stage Time & Wine was more than a single event, or an open mic night, or a night of poetry and music. Stage Time Night was a facet of a community which flowed through all Red Room events and beyond them, spilling over past the microphone and the stage.

by Leah List
Editor for the Red Room

13 & 14 May 2016, R4 Presents: Treasure Island


Photos from a previous production of Treasure Island can be viewed below.
R4: Treasure Island

RED ROOM RADIO REDUX will present a staged radio-theater- style production of TREASURE ISLAND, the Robert Louis Stevenson classic story of pirates and buried treasure, for three performances on:
Friday May 13 at 8:00 PM
Saturday May 14 matinee at 2:30 PM***
Saturday May 14 at 8:00 PM.
The performance will last approximately one hour.



All performances will be held at the International Artist Village at the TAF in Taipei.


***Especially for the children: prior to the matinee performance on Saturday, May 14, there will be a treasure hunt for all ticket holders aged 8 to 18. The treasure hunt will start at 1:30PM on Saturday, May 14.

The performance and treasure hunt will be held in English.

Your patronage: early bird reservations on accupass
現場購票: NT400
8-18歲以下孩童特別優惠: NT250

Tickets are available through ACCUPASS for NT300 or at the door for NT400.
Children 8-18 years NT250.
Under 8 years no charge.


Treasure Island is the tale of young Jim Hawkins, who sets sail in 1783 as a cabin boy on the schooner Hispaniola, in search of treasure hidden on a faraway island. In the course of his adventures, he comes across a motley assortment of devious seaman, including the infamous buccaneer Long John Silver. This production of Treasure Island will appeal to adults as well as children aged 8 and up.

The performance of Treasure Island will be in English, in an adaptation that draws extensively on the original language of the story. It will be presented as a radio-style staged reading in which the actors use voice, characterization and gesture, as well as live sound effects and music, to recreate a lively tale in the minds of the audience.

Audio recording of Treasure Island is on demand on the ICRT website.

At R4, we believe that through this “theater of the imagination,” we can promote a culture of live storytelling and creative listening through the great works of literature. Come join us with a heart of adventure and a mind of exploration as we sail into the deepest oceans of our imagination!
To learn more about R4¸ find us on Facebook : R4=Red Room Radio Redux

R4’s repertoire includes: Macbeth, The War of the Worlds, Dracula and A Christmas Carol. In addition to live performances, the group has produced and broadcast voice dramas in partnership with ICRT-FM100.

Red Room Radio Redux is affiliated with the Red Room. For more about “spoken word” events sponsored by the Red Room, go to

金銀島是一個青年賀詹姆(Jim Hawkins)的故事,從伊斯帕尼奧拉島揚帆啟程,在航程中找尋隱藏在遙遠島嶼的寶藏。在冒險的過程中,他遇到一群狡猾奸詐混雜的航海人,包含了最有名的海盜,單腳西渥弗(Long John Silver)。

紅坊廣播劇場會用英文演出金銀島,從原語的方式帶出延伸的效果。會用電台的效果來呈 現每一位角色的說詞,個性特色和手勢比劃,搭配著現場聲音效果以及配樂,重新帶出原 始故事的感覺給觀眾們。紅坊廣播劇場要將這樣獨特的表演方式,一種戲劇的想像的方式 獻給觀眾,透過分享偉大文學巨作和表達文化特色的現場說故事效果。

金銀島演出適合大人到8歲以上小孩。會有個簡單的詩詞作為開場,來自路易斯·卡羅爾的 愛麗絲夢遊仙境。會將音樂和聲音強化,來優化重述史蒂文森的知名故事。

紅坊廣播劇場是一個隸屬於 Red Room 藝術表演活動的社團。先前表演過馬克白、世界大 戰、聖誕頌歌、小氣財神等西方經典名著,也曾與ICRT 一同製做播出。贊助單位有漣漪 人基金會。你/妳可以在 Red Room 的網站找尋 “Spoken word”。網址是,也可上臉書蒐尋R4=Red Room Radio Redux。

15 May 2016 Malaysia Art Festival in Taiwan

maf red room活動主旨

的存在。又或是近年出現的《JUST PLAY 簡單玩》巡演、《居鑾在動》等等,為了團


“Music make world unite”.

Download pdf here
Event Mission

Malaysia’s music scene is developing, and though it is not yet as bustling as the Taiwanese and Chinese industries, there are many music creators following their musical paths and many others pushing the development of music evolution. For instance, Malaysia’s annual independent music event “Dongtaidu Music Festival” helps raise awareness for independent music producers from Malaysia. Or, more recently, events such as “JUST PLAY Music Tour” and “Kluang Rocking” have created a platform for singers, writers, and art practitioners to cooperate without profit pressure, media bias, or industry exploitation.

Music creation should not just be a mere hobby hidden away in a bedroom, but fully manifested as an on-stage performance sharing work with an audience. The 2nd annual Malaysia Art Festival in Taiwan will – through the platform of song and lyric writing – provide a platform for Malaysian exchange students in Taiwan to create and interact.

Event Theme

“Music make world unite”.

Music has been split into different categories and genres all because of the systemization implemented by outsiders and record labels.

But music is also a language that allow people everywhere to communicate, to understand each other, and to share their feelings.
We can be moved by music, and we can be driven to a frenzy by music.

Although we are studying in Taiwan, but our hearts are tied to Malaysia. We care deeply for Malaysia and everything about it.

“Zero distance” represents our music, but also our hearts.

23 April 2016, Aquaponics Innomaker 101 魚菜創造家 – 分享會

Saturday, April 23 at 2 PM – 4 PM

To those of you that we at Red Room have had the pleasure of hosting these past few months, you’ve probably seen the cool collection of apparatus scattered around our indoor and outdoor space… Listened to the tinkling of soft running water, surveyed the graceful patterns of the fish living in handmade structures, put your noses up to examine the baby vegetables and herbs sprouting from suspended soil beds.

What is aquaponics?!

a system of aquaculture in which the waste produced by farmed fish or other aquatic creatures supplies the nutrients for plants grown hydroponically, which in turn purify the water.

We’re so excited to announce that our good friends at Aquaponics Innomaker, the geniuses behind our favorite additions to the Red Room space, will be holding workshops to share with the public everything from the benefits of using to how to make your very own Aquaponics system!! This workshop will be the first of many.. so get ready!

Saturday 4/23

Morning session: 10:00~12:00
Afternoon session: 14:00~16:00


2 packs (at least!) of produce grown from Aquaponics Innomaker systems

– What is Aquaponics & How It Works
– How to build your own system and be an urban farmer.
– A young Aquaponics farmer shares his experience. – Brian Li

Space is limited to 25 guests per session, please RSVP with your name and specify which workshop you are attending to our email:

分享課程將會在4/23舉行, 一共兩個場次

早上: 10:00~12:00
下午: 14:00~16:00


魚菜農青現身經驗分享 - Brian 李


16 April 2016, Stage Time & Wine LXXVII 紅緣寄詩酒 77

Saturday on April 16th, 6:30pm – 10:30 pm

Sing! Shout! Dance! Laugh! Bring in the Year of the Monkey!
At Stage Time and Wine…77th Edition!

We welcome everyone to share the space with us as we revisit some familiar performances and be wowed by the new. Performers may sign up on the day of the event (open mic format).

We invite guests to please contribute to the Community Bar with a beverage of their choice so that nobody has to go thirsty. (Pssst… we hear wine’s a good choice!)

把你的行事曆圈起來,下一次 Stage Time & Wine 活動,時間是 04 月 16日(六),地點在 Taiwan Air Force Base (TAF) 空軍總部 「圖書館」LIBRARY




6:30pm: Doors Open
7:30pm-8:45pm: 1st Half
9:00pm- 10:30pm: 2nd Half

Your Patronage 開支攤提費: 300 NTD

提示Here are our usual reminders:

-Performers only have 5 minutes to share (sniff! sniff!)

-The Red Room promotes the culture of listening. We ask you to honour performers by actively listening and remaining quiet and respectful while they are on stage (Non-listeners will be taken into the street and whipped.)

-We welcome sharing. We’ll make the stew, you bring the wine (or any other fantastically creative creations we’ll ooh and aaah over). Deal?
歡迎大家參加,我們會提供一大鍋湯跟些小吃- 請帶來些紅酒,茶,連加湯的蔬菜都可以!一起享受。


Credits & Sponsors 特別感謝與贊助
Tremendous gratitude to all our volunteers. Thank you to all who transform the space of the venue into the Red Room, prepare the food and drinks, greet everyone at the door, fill all who thirst till their cups near runneth over…and especially to all who help clean up. Stage Time & Wine would not be possible without your support and the beautiful spirit in which it is given!

Co-Founder | Ping Chu 朱平 • Co-Founder | Ayesha Mehta • Reeves | Manav Mehta • Keeper of the Faith | Roma Mehta • Master of Cups | Charles Haines • Esthete | Julia Kao


Red Room 1st birthday, by Ping Chu

Shared at Red Room’s first birthday celebration at Hua Shan Culture Park.

Wow, a small ripple has become a big wave. 
I would like to salute Roma by sharing a poem by Christina Rossetti:

“Who has seen the wind?
Neither I nor you.
But when the leaves hang trembling,
The wind is passing through.

Who has seen the wind?
Neither you nor I.
But when the trees bow down their heads,
The wind is passing by.”

Character is like the wind.  You don’t see it until it passes through.

In the past month, I have seen many people show their character with selfless commitment to plan this Red Room birthday.

One person, in particular, is Roma.  She is the Mistress of the Red Room.  She knew she would not be able to attend this celebration and she still worked out the details and took on many tasks until the last moments before she leaves for India.

I also want to single out one person, Ayesha. She is in Australia now. Without her, there will be no Red Room. ( Roma and Ayesha, this applause is for you. )

Today, I also want to share a quote from Joseph Campbell:

“People say that what we are all seeking is a meaning for life.. I think that what we are seeking is an experience of being alive.”

Here, at Red Room, We are after the sense of being alive and the pursuit of an adventure.

Every Red Room night has made me feel more alive.

Thank you, Red Room.

Happy First Birthday, Red Room

~ Ping Chu, Co-founder Red Room