Words from the editor – September 2016

Scribe’s Musings: Greeting, salutations, and hello! Welcome all to this issue of the RR ENews. We are here for you, through first days back at school, crazy days in the office, and the cool days of fall and winter ahead. We are happy to see you again, and we are happy to meet you for the first time.

The purpose of RR ENews is to share what happened at RR events over the past month, as well as give you the news of what’s coming up. Along the way, we can have fun here. This is your newsletter. So, if you’ve been a performer at our events, if you saw or heard something at our events that really impressed you, or if you have original poetry, lyrics, words, or artwork you would like to share in the e-newsletter and blog, contact me at editor.redroom@gmail.com.

The rest of the RR crew have things to share with you, so it’s time to turn the show over to them. Happy Fall, and have a blessed Mid-Autumn Festival.

Joyfully yours,
Whitney Zahar
Scribe/Editor RR

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