7 June 2017, Status/狀態 Visual Dialogues XVIII

Show runs 7 June – 30 June.
Closing Party Wednesday, 28 June, 7pm – 10pm


當下-Eva :「在我創作時的每一個當下的體驗和感受,都是非常真實。隨心所欲的表達當下的體驗與情感,在過程中進而得到一種昇華的平靜,靈魂的自在表現。」



Belong to these three girls with,
The three different state of mind.
Three expressions.
Three states.
“Lust Status”, “Now Status”, “Mental Status”

Interpreting the feeling and the benefit from creation of art individually, See through the delicate NOW status just like Morse code lay down in the painting.
Artist would love to invite audience to observe the painting through heart, use heart to decode it. To feel and to explore every status of the painting and every emotion of the artists’ mind.

“Now Status”
Artist – Eva Lo

“While I am in creating process, every moment and every experience are feel real to me. During expression the present moment of feeling and emotion through painting process, it elevate me to a serenity and truly freedom of soul.”

“Lust Status”
Artist – Lizzy Chiu

“Watch them unfold their body and the pleasure looks in from of me that never happened before. I can feel the lust were flowing between every sensory nervous. It drive me to immerse with the people relationship in the painting.
A litle bit of hopelessly obsess with that feeling.
A litle bit of melt into the moment without ego.
Just like the tangle of rational and emotional which I’m enjoy with.”

“Mental Status”
Artist – Amy

“My mental status is trying to illustrate the inner state of fear of mankind detailed. Trying to eliminate the anxiety in my mind. Just sit there quietly to feel the emotion flows. Or to feel the desperate of there is no way out, or stuck by the numbness even though trapped in the nightmare…
All of this thing that we are ignore frequently but profoundly impact our inner status, are those most realistic and precious.”
Visual Dialogues 藝術對畫
between people, spaces and ideas
Two artists from different cultures are featured in an art show at the Red Room, opening on the first Sunday of each month.

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