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Season’s Greetings, Red Roomers, old and new!

November and December have flown by in the most beautiful, colorful blur of fellowship and festivity. That’s why this edition of the e-news is our GLORIOUS, SUPER-SIZED Edition!

We close out 2016 with an impressive 7th anniversary event in November that spanned 3 days. It’s amazing to see how much Red Room has grown in seven years; imagine what we can do as time goes by. For a word on that, here’s something from our Keeper, Roma Mehta:

2016 evolved to become a landmark year for Red Room.
2017 will crystalize all that we learned.
2018 is where we should be looking.
Let’s plant an orchard.
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, indeed! We have to have hope and to have faith, and Red Room is a place, a people, a movement that can foster that.

November’s Visual Dialogues was a carefully curated selection of photographs from Red Room’s history and events, perfectly balancing out our anniversary celebration. We’re looking forward to seeing old and new faces grace those images for years to come. Yours truly is also thinking of ideas to make those photographs seen more often by the public in the form of small exhibits and a photo archives.

December’s Visual Dialogues is dominated by a beautiful turtle in our front hall. Can you believe it’s made entirely from recycled plastic? Artists T.K. and Anne Hsiao-Wen bring their sculptural visions of how human consumption affects the world around us.

Stage Time and Wine 84, held on December 17, was a merry evening filled with poetry (including a little SCIENCE from Trevor Tormatosi), dance, music, and joy for the old, while ringing in the new.

Red Room can be a whirlwind. It can spin you around, sometimes overwhelming, always something unique. This year was a hard year for many people around the world. But I think Red Room has grown in its mission to use the arts as a platform to reach out, expand hearts and minds, and welcome people to our door. Here, you will find a place that’s truly special. Here, you will always find “friends you have not met yet.” There is a place for you here. That much, I promise.

We have many new events heading your way, which our Keeper Roma will share with all. But we are always looking for volunteers for our events and contributors to the e-newsletter.

For information about writing with me, email me at [email protected].

by Whitney Zahar

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