Poem written for Spectacular Atrophy, May 2017

Poem written for Spectacular Atrophy

The organizers and players involved gathered in a circle, as fireworks shot into the sky; an explosion of light, dazzled and amazed, showering the land with love and praise.

That spectacle is a part of this cycle.

It was said:

Abided , alleged , anticipated
We bargained, begged, blasted
They “cross-examined” , condemned
Denied , Droned
Exposed, equivocated, echoed
It was foretold
Granted Grinned
Implied, indicated, interrogated
Lied, listed
They narrated
They observed, observed, observed
Parroted, pledged, paraphrased
Requested, repeated, rephrased, repeated, rhapsodized, reviewed, repeated
Sanctioned, solicited
Taunted, thundered, trumpeted
We uttered
We voiced, vowed
They wished
They whispered
We’ve yielded

by Aspiring Azul

Marriage Equality

By the Red Room…

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Marriage Equality
By Aspiring Azul

6am this morning i watch a speech by Ping on perspective. regarding the law sanctioning the principle of Marital Equality for woman & woman, man and man.
by 7 i’m spilling ink across the table top
whirling out the words i could not express,
remaining is but what i have left.

I don’t believe in Marriage
I believe in creating, communicating, coloring my crazed cravings into my comic craft
i’ve chosen this
i’ve chosen him
i’ve chosen her

Love isn’t colorblind, nor is love red
love is a rainbow under covers of a bed

I believe in the sight of another human being drawing me breathless
intense vulnerability linked to sharing…everything

I believe in the security of a surreal bond
confident that the world outside sanctions my choice
I’ve chosen this
i’ve chosen him
i’ve chosen her
a united plunge into pools of wonder
hand in hand through shallow puddles of rooted struggles
limbs intwined for the pretzel like cuddles
braving winter elements with one scarf between two
filled wth butterflies and candle lit shrines

peering into eyes that spark a fire trail
listening to a heart rate tell its tale
smelling scents of head & hair
touch of body with tender care

without these liberties and assurances, whats left of being human?
without acceptance , how can we belong?

With my beliefs respected

insert myself into reality
contribute to those around me,
navigate the spheres of curiosity
adapt to principles of society

blend and stir to thicken the stew
trace life’s pages with many and a few
crack the surface and discover the new

Today the issue is that not all of us can do these things,

bubbling beneath us is boiling truth
if neglected we’re ruined we’re THROUGH

I believe in people , i believe in our decisions, i believe in our acceptance,
i’ve chosen this,
i’ve chosen him,
i’ve chosen her