Poem written for Spectacular Atrophy, May 2017

Poem written for Spectacular Atrophy

The organizers and players involved gathered in a circle, as fireworks shot into the sky; an explosion of light, dazzled and amazed, showering the land with love and praise.

That spectacle is a part of this cycle.

It was said:

Abided , alleged , anticipated
We bargained, begged, blasted
They “cross-examined” , condemned
Denied , Droned
Exposed, equivocated, echoed
It was foretold
Granted Grinned
Implied, indicated, interrogated
Lied, listed
They narrated
They observed, observed, observed
Parroted, pledged, paraphrased
Requested, repeated, rephrased, repeated, rhapsodized, reviewed, repeated
Sanctioned, solicited
Taunted, thundered, trumpeted
We uttered
We voiced, vowed
They wished
They whispered
We’ve yielded

by Aspiring Azul

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