Updates from Red Room Radio Redux’s ReadAloud

The monthly ReadAloud evening has been taking shape. Last Friday’s group was small in numbers but rich in warmth.

We’ve created a space within the Red Room space by draping fabric and creating a canopy over two of the rugs. We borrowed pillows from the bed and sat in a circle. We did not use mics, background music or sound effects.

In our intimate space, participants shared segments of prose and poetry from Coelho, Garcia Marques, Anne Rice and David Bowie.

Not everyone chose to read from prolific, well-established authors. Two people chose to read their own work. One of the Taiwan Writer’s Group read an except of one of his stories from their latest publication and another came from TaiChung to share her personal prose poems.

We will be holding more ReadAlouds in the coming month and we welcome original material. If you wish to share a piece, whether it is your own or from a writer you admire, we request you contact Ruth at r4.radioredux@gmail.com to reserve time.  When making your request, please include the name of the author, the title of the piece, and a short description of what you’d like to read.

During the last Read Aloud, we have decided to change our patronage policy. In the past, the patronage for “soloists” has been waived. In the future, as we are all equal in the room, everyone will be asked to put money in the box.

Ruth Giordano
Red Room Radio Redux